Last minute keyholder changes over the holiday period? No problem!

Posted on 31 Jul 2015

As we are in the busy holiday period, we would like to remind our customers that if you and your end users have not already registered, TOUCH is the perfect way to make last minute keyholder changes.  We appreciate that as people take annual leave, keyholder details can change, however by utilising TOUCH, you can help ensure that our ARC agents always call the correct people when there is an activation from site.

Readily available from any PC, SmartPhone or Tablet – all you need is internet access to be able to take control of your monitored site and update your keyholders – any time of day or night – without the need to contact Custodian.

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Installer registration

End user registration

PS. Did you know?  You can now brand TOUCH with your company logo – speak with your account manager to set up!