The Missing Piece

Posted on 12 Apr 2016

As a CASH User, are you aware of the additional benefits you can enjoy by using Custodian for your Alarm Monitoring?

For example, users of both businesses can:

  • Import alarm activations electronically from Custodian in to CASHstreamlining your false alarm management reporting
  • Automate the ordering of new signaling connectionssaving administration time, reducing the change of keying input errors
  • Update Custodian’s TOUCH platform with keyholder changes and sync each day with CASH – avoiding duplication of administration work
  • Have our dedicated out of hours helpdesk send emergency calls directly to your engineers PDA – empowering engineers with better quality information about call-outs and helping fast-track invoicing.

This level of integration cannot be matched elsewhere in the marketplace.

CASH User Day 13th April…

If you are attending the CASH User Group Day on 13th April, the Custodian Team will be there to help. Look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to find out more information of how Custodian can integrate with CASH, including details of reference sites, please contact us as below:

T: 0844 879 1702   E: