Keyholder Care

Service Capabilities

Keyholder Care offers valuable peace of mind to employers and those responsible for providing a duty of care to their keyholders when being placed in the vulnerable situation of attending site when an alarm has activated. This protective service sends the keyholder a set time window to attend site and return back home, giving the keyholder the opportunity to extend the time if needed.

Once safely home the keyholder will close the Keyholder Care record. However, if we receive no acknowledgement of a safe return, or an extension to the time window, we at Custodian will step in and escalate the potential risk to your keyholders safety by alerting your chosen emergency contact point.

Download Keyholder Care Overview PDF

Value added benefits for you and your customers

  • Only available to Custodian Installers
  • Charged as an annual fee
  • Annual charge covers all site keyholders
  • Easy to order via SmartForms
  • Marketing campaign support available from Custodian

Campaign Support

Custodian will support you with a marketing campaign designed to promote Keyholder Care to your customer base.

Please click here to view our customisable installer template.  To create one for your business, we simply require your high resolution company logo, Keyholder Care end user price (RRP £80.00 per annum) and contact details should someone wish to order from you.  We will complete the document and email back to you.

What to do next…

Keyholder Care can be ordered by ticking the relevant box on SmartForms.  Alternatively, for non SmartForm users, please download this form to order.

Please contact your account manager or the Customer Hub to register your interest in running a Keyholder Care marketing campaign.


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